A Masterclass in Modernizing Your Intersections

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Part 2: 

The Evolution of Connected Intersections

Whether you are a veteran traffic engineer or are just starting your career, solving today's transportation challenges are well within reach.

But with constant innovations in smart mobility technologies, the variety of in-cabinet and cloud-based strategies you can use to optimize traffic operations can be overwhelming.

To separate the signal from the noise, Iteris is hosting a series of educational online workshops, where smart transportation practitioners will break down what makes a smarter, more modern intersection.

In case you missed part one in the series, you can view the recording for The Evolution of Traffic Detection and Intelligence on demand.

In part two we discuss how traffic communications systems have evolved and examine what it means to be a connected intersection in this new era of smart mobility.

You will learn:

  • The evolution of traffic communications technologies both in the field and within the traffic cabinet
  • How to ensure systems are available when you need them
  • How cloud and edge computing are advancing mobility and the implications on cybersecurity
  • How vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technologies will improve road safety and operations efficiency
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Gabriel Murillo, MBA, TE
Vice President, Iteris

Gabriel Murillo has over 30 years' experience in ITS communication system design, integration and maintenance. He also specializes in advanced traffic control systems, including adaptive system operations, traffic responsive, transit priority and light rail train operations.

Mike Plata
Sr. Marketing Manager, Iteris

Mike Plata has over 15 years of sales and marketing experience in technology, construction and environmental industries. Mike is a tech enthusiast with the zeal for sharing the latest smart mobility solutions to help cities operate more safely, efficiently and sustainably.