Real-World Applications of Origin-Destination Travel-Time Information

Did you miss the webinar?

Don't worry, you can catch the webinar on demand.  Listen in as we share real-world examples of how transportation agencies are using origin-destination travel-time information through BlueTOAD’s BlueARGUS web-based performance software.

Iteris' Scott Robinson and Peter Yauch, P.E., PTOE will explain how to quickly capture “before and after” driving behavior and measure cut-through traffic patterns, as well as demonstrate the value of travel-time insights for improving safety and mobility in your community.

You will learn:

  • Quick and intuitive techniques to create origin-destination visualizations/reports using BlueARGUS
  • Several key benefits of collecting travel-time data for arterial management
  • The importance of validating traffic patterns

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Scott Robinson
Manager, District Sales, Iteris

Scott Robinson has over two decades of sales and product management experience in the transportation industry. He has conducted ITS solution installations and training in the United States and internationally.

Peter Yauch, P.E., PTOE, RSP2i
Associate Vice President, Consulting Solutions, Iteris

Peter Yauch has over 44 years of experience in traffic operations, ITS, and safety, with a unique mix of public sector and private sector roles. He leads TSM&O activities, overseeing arterial operations, performance monitoring, and safety related efforts.

Austin Harney
District Sales Manager, Iteris

Austin Harney is the district sales manager for Iteris handling the Northern California region. He is interested in connected vehicles and the future of transportation as it relates to cities and Councils of Governments