Safety Solutions for Red-Light Running

A proactive approach to mitigating crashes from red-light running

According to the Federal Highway Administration, 450 crashes occur in the U.S. every day as a result of red-light runners and these incidents are often deadly. Motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists are all at risk of death or injury when drivers run through a red light – whether intentionally or not.

While there is no single solution that will eliminate red-light running, communities can mitigate these incidents today by leveraging modern intersection technologies coupled with enforcement strategies and public education to ultimately save lives.

Iteris' unique red-light running safety solution combines advanced detection systems and powerful software to optimize signal timing and implement collision avoidance programs.

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Case Study: Lakeland, Florida

How to avoid collisions from red-light running

Learn how the City of Lakeland leveraged Iteris hardware and software to implement preventative measures at the intersection.

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Additional Resources

3 Ways Cities Can Mitigate Red-Light Running At The Intersection

Intersections are pivotal to our infrastructure, but they often present large safety risks to vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists. The identification and prevention technique presented in this article offers a great solution for how to mitigate the fatal impact these events can have on all road users.

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Webinar: Decision Zone Detection and Red Extension with Vantage Vector

This technical training is intended for traffic engineers and traffic signal technicians to better understand the design, setup, and operational effect of decision zones and red extension with Iteris’ Vantage Vector hybrid video and radar sensor.

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