A Proactive Approach to Roadway Safety

Are you making today's safety decisions with yesterday's data?

The traditional approach:

Collect a bunch of data on crashes that have occurred.
Look for trends to identify "problem areas."
Address issues. Monitor. Repeat.

The problem:

Waiting for crashes to occur before addressing safety issues.

The solution:

Use traffic speed data to identify high-risk roads before a crash occurs.
Unfortunately, most speed analysis today is done using average speed.
Effective analysis requires understanding outliers and sample size.


The future of roadway safety:

Collect a bunch of data on where speeding is occurring.
Find and rank segments with the highest risk-level.
Address high-risk segments. Monitor. Repeat.

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Want to know where speeding is occurring in your community right now?

Case Study: Lakeland, Florida

How to avoid collisions from red-light running

Learn how the City of Lakeland leveraged Iteris hardware and software to implement preventative measures at the intersection.

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Here's what it looks like:

Change in pedestrian safety and congestion levels from July.

Change in pedestrian safety and congestion levels from last winter’s COVID surge.

Achieve the goal of Vision Zero with a smart intersection safety solution

Learn how you can partner with Iteris to pilot a Vision Zero intersection safety program at your busiest multimodal intersection.

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