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Spotlight on the Intersection

According to the FHWA, more than 50% of all reported crashes and 20% of total fatalities occur at or near the intersection. Intersection crashes also account for roughly $490 million per year in economic and societal costs. These statistics are staggering and are driving agencies across the country to focus their efforts on improving safety at intersections to make the most impact within their communities.

While there is no single reason why intersection crashes occur, experts at the local, state and national levels all agree that developing systems and leveraging technology to improve intersection safety are high priorities.


While technology is not a cure-all solution, implementing the right policies along with state-of-the-art hardware and software enables agencies to take a data-driven approach to assessing, prioritizing and addressing safety risks at intersections.

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Iteris' intersection safety solutions include:

  • Multimodal intersection detection systems to mitigate the impacts of red-light running
  • Automated pedestrian and bicyclist traffic counts to provide accurate insights on intersection activity
  • Pedestrian and bicycle detection and differentiation to allow extra time for safe intersection crossing
  • Touchless roadside bicycle indicator devices to confirm bicycle detection at the intersection
  • Bi-directional pedestrian counting and speed tracking to determine pedestrian activity in the crosswalk 
  • Vehicle-to-pedestrian conflict tracking to prevent future incidents
  • …and many more

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Case Study: Lakeland, Florida

How to avoid collisions from red-light running

Learn how the City of Lakeland leveraged Iteris hardware and software to implement preventative measures at the intersection.

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