Smart Mobility Solutions for Public Safety

Spotlight on Emergency Response

A shared commitment to the safety of the traveling public and communities at large underpins all Iteris smart mobility programs across the United States and around the world.

Whether powering advanced traveler information services to inform the public of the safest available routes, deploying near-miss identification systems to extend signal phases at key intersections or detecting and differentiating between vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians with our pioneering multimodal detection sensors, Iteris' smart mobility solutions are designed and delivered with safety at top of mind.


Recent events – whether related to the coronavirus pandemic, severe weather or an influx of mass public gatherings – have thrust our emergency-response focused safety solutions into the spotlight.

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Iteris' safety solutions for emergency response include:

  • TOC staffing to support evacuation efforts and first responders
  • Real-time mobility intelligence to determine evacuation and first responder routes
  • Traveler information services to highlight incidents to emergency responders
  • Emergency staffing to support traveler information dissemination during extreme weather events
  • …and many more

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Safety Resources

Disseminating critical traveler information during the recent Bay Area fires:

Learn how Iteris supported the Metropolitan Transportation Commission's 511 emergency response program during the recent wildfires in this blog and downloadable white paper. 

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View bottlenecks and incidents for faster emergency response:

ClearGuideTM enables better understanding of traffic patterns, identifies bottlenecks and integrates rich, real-time location data, crowdsourced data and incident data.

Advanced traffic signal technologies can prioritize first responders:

Smart intersections with emergency vehicle pre-emption technology can help first responders address life-threatening emergencies more safely and expeditiously.

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